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Website Design & Hosting

In our website design we pride ourselves on coming up with a look that reflects the character of the featured business or individual. Our friendly personal approach should appeal to anyone daunted by the technicalities, and a small but expert team means we can offer very competitive rates.

Our websites are based on templates, but if you find something totally different on the web that you would like to emulate we will be happy to discuss it and quote a price.

If you require a website that is frequently updated then we recommend WordPress, which started as a blogging tool but is now a well respected Content Management System (CMS) with a vast range of free and commercial designs ('themes') and plug-ins. If you prefer, we can build a custom CMS with 'in-page editing', where you can edit text on the same page rather than the Wordpress editor.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) - webpage layout that adjusts automatically for any screen width from desktop to mobile phone - is an option we can add for a moderate additional cost, see Mobile/RWD section below.

Whatever your needs we can guarantee you a visually impressive site with perfectly formatted text. For an e-commerce website please check this page.

Website Packages

Website Type Price
Existing Site Upgrade – anything from a simple improvement of layout and images to a full redesign. from £100
(ask for a quotation)
WordPress plug-in authoring – add functionality to Wordpress with custom code.
If you can't find a plug-in at WordPress.org we will be happy to discuss your requirements and submit a quotation. We have experience of writing them for our own themes – in particular we ensure full compatibility with WordPress MultiSite.
from £200
Wordpress W
Subdomain WordPress site – add as many pages as you want with this popular CMS, up to a limit of 100 MB.
Choose a design from our templates and add functionality with our custom plug-ins, optimised for subdomains running on WordPress Multisite framework. You can add your own text, images, video and audio.
from just £25 per year!
Wordpress W
Standard WordPress site – add as many pages as you want with this popular CMS, up to a limit of 1 GB, and a unique domain name.
We design from scratch or you can choose from one of our templates or from over 1,400 free designs, then allow us to tweak it to your exact specifications, adding functionality with plug-ins. When we're finished you can customise it with your own text, images, video and audio.
from £150
Wordpress W
'Standard brochure site' – 5 pages, 20 images, 1,000 words text, customised graphics, optional slideshow, optional CMS (add £200).
A unique domain name, and you can specify exactly how your site should look rather than using a template.
from £250
E-commerce – choose either Amazon Marketplace (low set-up cost but higher fees) or a customised WordPress site (high set-up cost but low fees).
Check the e-commerce page for analysis of all the options.
from £250
Wordpress W
Call 01954 211344 or email contact@pixeltiger.co.uk now for
free advice and a quotation

Every package gives you...

  • Professional webdesign
  • Domain name registration and 1 year webhosting included*
  • Submission to search engines included
  • No unnecessary costs - you choose features you want to pay for
  • We use (& improve) your digital camera images - no photography costs**
  • Sites tested in all popular browsers on Windows & Mac systems
  • Friendly service - we won't blind you with technology
  • Permanent technical support via phone and email for the lifetime of
    your site

* no registration needed for subdomain sites

** only applies to standard brochure site – WordPress has built-in image resizing

To see what we are offering please check the websites of some satisfied customers...

TVP Lab is a scientific website, built with WordPress for University of Cambridge Principal Investigator Professor Toni Vidal-Puig.
To comply with university regulations there are no PixelTiger credits on the site – please contact us for documentary proof.

Gilesleaman.com is a WordPress site that showcases Giles's work in music and art workshops for schools.

lizsutherland.co.uk is a brochure site with a click slideshow which allows easy viewing of all images in a category.

Adshaw-sci-art.org is a WordPress site with some extras – an animated banner, image gallery and video. Page layout adapts to fit any screen size.

Wordpress logo

Websites – Domain and Subdomain design and hosting

Reasons we like WordPress as a CMS…

  • It's free!*
  • Some stats from Wikipedia: WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017 and is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web at more than 60 million websites.
  • It's user friendly! The elegant interface is easy to use, allowing you to type or paste text, upload and insert pictures, video and audio, and add HTML if you're skilled enough. To this feature set we've added our plug-ins and there are thousands of others available.
  • It's ideal for individual users or organisations – you can delegate certain pages to individuals, so they can edit just those pages, and as a site administrator you can review their work.
  • It's constantly being improved by an active community, keeping up with general web developments.
  • It's secure – like any new software, WordPress has had its share of security vulnerabilities since its release in 2003 but has come a long way since then, and there have been no significant issues since 2008 – WordPress 2.7. The current version is 4.7.

* WordPress is distributed under GNU General Public License (see details here). As a user you don't have to worry about this, it's aimed at developers like us – if we wanted to install a version of WordPress that we had modified then we would have to make all source code available under the same license. In fact we never do this, the design and functionality of sites can be changed without modifying the core WordPress code.

Subdomain design & hosting

We offer subdomains at view-direct.co.uk (e.g. www.mysite.view-direct.co.uk) starting at only £25/year. But why pay when you could get free subdomain hosting at WordPress.org?

Reasons to choose us…

Our service is for people who want a website that doesn't necessarily look like a blog, so you can choose a theme (page design) which allows you to add your own banner image, and our table-creator plug-in allows you to arrange images and text with a lot more precision than the built-in WP editor.

We give you plug-ins unavailable for WordPress.org blogs...

  • whole site password protection**
  • a table creator – create from scratch or import Excel tables
  • a form builder with templates (‘contact us', ‘user survey', ‘email this page')
  • a calendar
  • an advanced in-site search box
  • social network buttons
  • site statistics

** password protection can cover the entire site or individual pages, with no part of your page design visible until the password has been entered, unlike WordPress.org blogs or the built-in WordPress page password option.

Why aren't plug-ins offered by WordPress.org blogs? Some are features not normally required in a blog, but the crucial factor is they can compromise security of other subdomains. We overcome the security problem by disallowing standard WordPress plug-ins and scripting, instead building our own to work just with our own themes. As a website owner you too should be concerned about security, so feel free to ask any questions before you sign up (check the FAQ first).

Our WordPress subdomain hosting is ideal for test-driving a website – with password protection you could show it to just your own organisation, or show it to the public and gather opinions and statistics. As well as testing page design and content you will be evaluating WordPress as a CMS, with potentially very large cost savings.

Domain design & hosting

If you're serious about your site you'll need your own domain. The package you require mainly depends on the amount of traffic you expect to your site, and if you need e-commerce features. If you're uncertain about this you can start small and upgrade to a larger traffic quota as required.

Advantages of domain vs subdomain hosting…

  • Your domain name accurately reflects your organisation
    or company name
  • much higher monthly web traffic allowance
  • FTP access to server – upload any type of file
  • Total flexibility of website design
  • Allows a secure e-commerce system

Mobile Websites – Responsive Web Design

RWD means a website that automatically adjusts its layout to fit any size screen from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone. We are now offering RWD for all new websites as an extra. To see an example of RWD please take a look at Adshaw-sci-art.org – try resizing your browser window on a PC or Mac and you'll see the top menu is transformed for small screens.

How We Work

The following applies to standard brochure websites, other packages are based on WordPress templates and you can upload, paste or type your content as desired. If you require a WordPress site with unusual features we would implement a similar procedure to this schedule.

Prior to work we will register your domain, then at an initial consultation we will discuss the navigation, general design and layout of webpages. Normally we will communicate with you by phone, email, and Skype, though meetings are also possible. At this stage we would expect you to have typical examples of your content ready as either digital photo's or text documents. Files can be transferred to us by email or Dropbox.

We will agree a schedule for the work, consisting of (1) the Graphic Design Completion Date, (2) the Website Design Start Date, (3) the Website Check Date, and (4) the Final Completion Date.

Graphic Design (1) involves choosing suitable colours and, crucially, the design of the banner image and text, seen at the top of each webpage and greatly influencing the character of your site, so we take care to get this right and submit our design for your approval before we start any other work.

We require all necessary files from you by (2) the Website Design Start Date, so any additional files you don't have ready at the first meeting should be sent to us via email or Dropbox, for which we can give instructions if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Photographs you supply don't have to be perfect - we can correct for perspective distortion, crop out backgrounds and adjust exposure. We can accept text in most common formats - Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress, Excel tables, or simple Wordpad, Notepad or TextEdit files.

According to the site option you choose and total size of files, (3) the Website Check Date will be between 1 and 14 days after the agreed start date. On this day your website will be ready for checking - we ask you to look it over online and tell us of any changes you require, and (4) the Final Completion Date will be not more than 10 days later.